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Here are a number of keyboard pieces for many occasions. The Island and Ride-a-Cock-Horse are for children. The Keyboard Suite and the Three sonatas for piano are good recital pieces. The organ music is for church services or a recital. The Processional was written for a memorial service for Radcliffe College

*The Island [5:15] - $6.00
Keyboard Suite (6 dances) [4:30] - $4.00 Music Clip
Processional for Radcliffe - for organ [7:00] - $10.50 Music Clip
*Ride-a-cock-horse [4:30] - $3.00 Review
Three pieces for organ, vol. 1 [6:00] - $12.00
Prelude, chorale prelude, fugue
Three pieces for organ, vol. 2 [9:00] - $13.50
Prelude, chorale prelude, passacaglia
Three pieces for organ, vol. 3 [12:00] - $14.00 Illustration
Theme & variations, chorale prelude, fantasia
Three sonatas for piano [8:00, 3:30, 7:00] - $8.50 Music Clip
* Not difficult
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